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GnSDesigns takes a professional position when it comes to capturing or creating your memories.

Whether it be a series of VHS tapes of baby's first steps or a scratch built slide show in HD for your business presentation - we takes the time to understand your need and that of your audience.

Using modern equipment and the latest editting techniques - we present work that'll make you proud.

Anyone can put a Tape on DVD with the purchased from a retailer.

The difference we make is that all video is captured and editted "by hand". We watch your entaire tape and edit from it the noise, the ground and sky shots so that the lasting memory is of the event not the camera mans skill.

Think about this how many DVD/VHS tapes of soccer games,  dance concerts, baby did this baby did that taking up space?


It should be noted that GNSDesigns cares and respects the rights of Copyright © owners at all times. Will donot edit/distribute works that could anyway infringe the product owners rights. Please don't ask as refusal may cause offence.


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