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STOP! Do not inflict further damage to Data Backup Solutions
There are numerous ways in which your vaulable data can go missing. We've all been there:

  • Computer crashes halfway through your thesis
  • Just tidying up and deleted "One too many files"?
  • The kids try teaching your phone how to swim
  • Hardware malfunction...
  • And the list goes on.

As they say prevention is always better than the cure, but when the worst has happened:

  1. Step away from the machine - abuse will not fix anything
  2. Contact Us

In most circumstances your photos, music and valuable documents have just been misplaced. The crew at GnSDesigns have data recovery solutions that can return these files.^

Remember that this service is available on:

Hard Drives, Computers, Laptops, USB Sticks, Memory Cards, Phones, Cameras, etc.

In cases where data cannot be recovered there is no charge.#

Contact Us and see what we can do.

Also why not talk to us about:

  • Backup processes
  • Data clensing