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Einstein once said that Insanity was "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result"


  • Have you found yourself copying and pasting continuously
  • removing duplicates
  • Saving files here and there - over and over ?
  • With that in mind consider the repetitve work that you carry out in your office everyday that seems to take forever...
  • What could you be doing instead, or better still while delivering the same outcome.
  • Consistently and accurately.




In most office environments the technology is available, good PC's, huge monitors and USB drives by the hand full.

For example most office PC's have MS Office already installed and use Excel regularly in everyday tasks.

An example of what can be done:

Data collected from a central location

Divided by location and/or type

Recalled from various locations





and Emailed



Microsoft Excel

Many organizations use Excel extensively in every day business tasks, but don’t realize how easily you can automate Excel! Our most recent project in Excel took data from a corporate payment system and reconciled the data against the corporate accounting package to ensure the payments leaving the organization matched the invoices in the accounting system. This system has saved thousands of dollars in only a few weeks, and continues to pay for itself daily!

MS Office Integration

From over 10 years experience in office automation and Microsoft products we have in-depth knowledge of how to increase your business efficiency.


The Office Experts represents a combined effort of many Microsoft Office consultants. Our goal is to provide Microsoft Office users with the information and tools needed to automate their regular tasks as much as possible.

Whether you're an entrepreneur who's not ready, willing, or able to hire additional staff, or an administrative assistant in a huge corporation, our hope is to make your job faster and easier . . . to make YOU look GOOD!!

The fact that you're here makes a definite statement: You're not ready to settle for the status quo. There are many who live by the rule "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." We believe if you're spending a half-hour doing something that could take five minutes, its BROKE!




Understanding your business processes to identify time and resource efficiencies by utilising the infrastructure you have available,


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