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Computer Not Co-operating?

GnSDesigns was started by a guy who at the age of 13 spent all night fixing his parents computer after messing with one little file...

Sound familiar ?

Broken screen, Hard drive clicking/crashing, Blue Screens colouring your day?

We've all been in the situation where nothing seems to be going right - and you've lost that project you've spent days on.

Well - we're here to help.

We'll come to you*, whether you're at home or in the office.

If the problem cannot be fixed on site we'll take it away, and return it when repaired, all the while treated them as our own. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectation while keeping costs to to a minimum. We take the time to explore all avenues - we'd rather spend the time fixing a problem than spending your money.

We are more than happy to answer all questions - however silly thay may seem - in plain english.

If we can't fix the problem - we'll tell you and return your equipment to you - as we recieved it.


Why not have a look around, and, if  there is anything we can do for you please Contact Us .